Product Pricing Engines (PPEs)

You. That’s who inspires us to deliver competitive MI rates combined with important extras that make it easier for you to help more borrowers buy a house. Genworth’s integrations with industry-leading PPEs deliver direct access to Genworth's competitive guidelines and MI rates.

  • Quote our GenRATE or Rate Card pricing
  • Backed by Genworth’s PRICING PLEDGE – we’ll honor your lowest quote for up to 90 days*
  • Access rate quotes in real time
  • View and print results -- with detailed MI quote information and associated inputs
  • Access borrower paid MI and lender paid MI products
  • Get monthly or single premium payment options
  • Get MI premium tax info in states where it's required

Optimal Blue® BESTXTM MI

When you quote from Optimal Blue’s BESTXTM MI, pick Genworth.

  • Save your Quote ID and retrieve it later using Rate Express®
  • Save a pdf file of your Genworth quote to the loan file for easy access later


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Document Delivery

Our delivery partners help you send your documents quickly and securely.


Xerox Mortgage Service